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Robin Raid 3 update 5

2016-11-02 12:55:06 by AzrealFreeman

A spinal injury has put me in a world of hurt, which might slow production. none the less, an update!4658093_147810568913_progress5.png

Robin Raid 3 update 4

2016-10-27 09:54:06 by AzrealFreeman

So I keep talking more and more about the leaps and bounds I've made in actually learning to draw like it isn't the golden age of flash animation, where anything remotely animated would do so long as it has tits or mario in.


As such I wanted to do a side by side comparison of one of my favourite Robin Raid characters4658093_147757642971_progress4.png

Robin Raid 3 update 3

2016-10-23 19:09:16 by AzrealFreeman

Weekly update? Weekly update.4658093_147726413622_progress3.png

Contemplating a patreon

2016-10-16 17:35:10 by AzrealFreeman

Not to beg for money. honest. but If I did, what sort of bonuses should I provide for people who plege certain amounts

Robin Raid 3 update 2

2016-10-15 21:56:29 by AzrealFreeman


I was going to say weekly updates, but by weekly I mean at least one update a week

Robin Raid 3 update 1

2016-10-08 19:06:51 by AzrealFreeman

the biggest complain i get is that my games are well designed but poor in the art department. this is me putting effort into the latter 4658093_147596797611_vixen.png

4658093_147511506962_trailer.pngThis is why you've not had much lately 

my recent decline

2016-08-24 17:39:59 by AzrealFreeman

I'm sorry to all of my fans. It occured to me recently that in the pursuit of claiming the internet, I have opted for quantity over quality. no more. my next project will be a true work of art

Although I normally like to have one project and stick at it for a long time, I've been hard at work on a series of side projects, soon to be completed and released to the public

Future works

2016-07-16 15:11:14 by AzrealFreeman

I'm a dreadfully inconsistent animator and game designer, and sometimes I just need to take a break from the big in order to make the small and trivial. But I am back in action.


I've build Project Aura 2, i just need to animate it fully though it's a bit of a mess

Robin Raid 3 is in the early design level

My super mystery project, which will deliver a far, far more forgiving play style based more on exploration than trial and error, has just this secon began production.


Will keep you posted