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Mr stick has been my mascot for nearly 4 years. the reason i came up with mr stick's love boat, was as an idea for a game many years ago. my coding knowledge was dire, so it was an excercise in that venture, but the stick characters were just place holders.

i found it oddly funny, so i rolled with it. which leads me to the purpose of this post. should i retire and invent a new mascot from scratch, or redesign him?

Also i lost my graphic tablet wire again.


so i ordered 4 replacement wires.

AMA/Q+A Round

2017-01-28 23:07:53 by AzrealFreeman

what would be the best way to do a question and answer/ask me anything/FAQ kind of thing for any and all questions you guys would have?

Robin Raid 3 update 11

2017-01-25 00:00:09 by AzrealFreeman

Robin Raid three is still a go, by the way.

Albiet very slowly. maybe it will speed up soon, hopefully 


For all of the support, feed back and general kind words during the development of slut quest. Although I noticed something that has my brain cogs a turning. Robin Raid 1, considered by many to be my best work, has little over 30k views in 10 months. which is what, 300 days? Slut quest has 11k views. in THREE days. is this a sign of things to come? am I winning?

I'm on twitter

2017-01-13 20:30:26 by AzrealFreeman

for those interested, I use as a means of posting the stuff I can't on newgrounds, and occasional shit posting 


2017-01-10 22:28:43 by AzrealFreeman


Game's done, and it is a glorious display. If all goes to plan expect the game sometime late tomorrow 

As I've added art and animation onto Slut quest RPG i've come to move further from the realistic and closer and closer to the cartoony cute that gives me games their unique spark.


I say final because this is the final update. I have a few bits to do and then it's finished. SQRPG has taken a while to build, but the reason I'm done in 6 updates, where robin raid 3 was weekly, is because the vast majority of SQ was experimenting with coding.


watch the skies my friends 







Slut quest update.


Bad news. The final stages are a pain in the dick


good news. It's almost done4658093_148262516422_sqprogress3.png

Slut quest: Update 4

2016-12-20 20:52:59 by AzrealFreeman

Hardly an update in all honestly. If I really applied myself I could make the game and make it great in three or four protracted sessions of hard work. What's stopping me? A lil christian holiday based around the union of numerous pagan winter solstice festivals and the alleged birth of Jesus of nazerth, combined with Odin myth, the machinations of the cocacola corporation, and my desire to dedicate this bloody season to making the children in my life happy as fuck. So unlike Robin Raid three, which i updated regularly to appease the guilt of making a load of shovel ware shit beneath what my FUCK AWESOME fans deserved, im teasing Slut quest at this point as a form of glorified marketing. ignore the black font of the stats, that's literally just the way the screen cap worked