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Slut quest: Update 1

2016-12-14 12:21:08 by AzrealFreeman

What? Not a single update from Robin Raid 3: Booty crusade? Fear not my friends. I'm just under half way through the entirity of finishing rr3, but like I said from the start it was never going to be a quick project. On the other hand, now its time for something completely different. 


Member stick RPG? I member. i played it way back when and have very fond memories. so much so its one of the various sources of inspiration for my current project, slut rpg (working name). Its almost entirely built as a game, the grahpical component would be a week of hard work so expect an old school number crunching rpg with plenty of tits and ass in the coming weeks

Bonus Robin raid 3 progess

2016-12-03 15:05:00 by AzrealFreeman

because sod it, why not 4658093_148079549282_robinprogress.png

Robin Raid 3 update 10

2016-12-03 14:16:30 by AzrealFreeman

I was greatly looking forward to an evening/morning on concerntrated animation to completely finish the level of rr3 im currently on, but half of my graphics pen is awol meaning im going to have to tear my house apart to find it. Regardless, here is an update for y'all 



Robin Raid 3 update 9

2016-12-02 03:25:38 by AzrealFreeman

Progress on Robin Raid 3: Crusade for the booty goes swimmingly, putting me damn close to the half way point. though after just past the half way point the game will get a damn sight easier to animate. my greatest fear is the final stage, adding in ALL THOSE SOUND EFFECTS. i wish i had the money for a sound guy



Robin Raid 3 update 8

2016-11-22 11:54:52 by AzrealFreeman

I feel crumby for my recent silence due to health injuries, so here is another sneak peak 

Ahem. So those paying attention to the last update might have noticed the 5 key icon at the toy of the screen has expanded to 7. meaning you have 7 goals. At the same time I felt the fairy queen from RR1 not only got too little screen time, but there was never a way to defeat her. I built robin raid on the basis that you play it to win, the objective was to complete the game, unlike similar chose your own path adventure porn games that inspired it. Plus she's both cute as fuck and absolutely terrifying.


She is of course, not the only character to return from a previous Robin Raid game. Or any previous game I've made on that matter.......



backs all better4658093_147967950243_progress7.png

Robin Raid 3 update 6

2016-11-06 20:14:42 by AzrealFreeman

So it turns out my injury left with me something called sciatica, where a major nerve becomes trapped between two pieces of bone in the lower back. either way it hurts like a bastard.

None the less I've attempted to make a small amount of progress with RR34658093_147848126391_progress6.png

Robin Raid 3 update 5

2016-11-02 12:55:06 by AzrealFreeman

A spinal injury has put me in a world of hurt, which might slow production. none the less, an update!4658093_147810568913_progress5.png

Robin Raid 3 update 4

2016-10-27 09:54:06 by AzrealFreeman

So I keep talking more and more about the leaps and bounds I've made in actually learning to draw like it isn't the golden age of flash animation, where anything remotely animated would do so long as it has tits or mario in.


As such I wanted to do a side by side comparison of one of my favourite Robin Raid characters4658093_147757642971_progress4.png

Robin Raid 3 update 3

2016-10-23 19:09:16 by AzrealFreeman

Weekly update? Weekly update.4658093_147726413622_progress3.png