The Robin Raid 3 delay

2017-05-06 21:00:19 by AzrealFreeman

Robin Raid 3 is completely functional, finished, and without any major glitch. as for when it will be fully released, not as an error run, might be a little while longer, but with valid cause.


My mother is currently in hospital. while looking after my baby niece she feel knee first onto the concrete and shattered her knee cap. as such I've had a small measure of difficulty over the last few weeks.


thank you for your patience 


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2017-05-06 21:49:40

well, at least she diddnt take an arrow

AzrealFreeman responds:

Has enough time passed for that meme to be ok again?


2017-05-07 08:55:37

It's fine, take your time. But I recall Robin Raid 3 having already been posted and now it's gone.
Did you accidentally release it early? Or pull it back for editing?
Might as well mention again since you may not have seen on the game itself. It was great, as always.
However the blonde girl fight scene stuff felt kind of rushed. The guard tower stuff no matter what you chose seemed to just shove you to her without much explanation and the 'you lose' fight scene doesn't exactly make sense in the Game Over screen. So perhaps something to think about?
Anyway, take your time. Your stuff is generally good quality.

AzrealFreeman responds:

the blonde girl was my attempt to be cryptic, it's a universe that extends into every game I've made, even the games that don't live on this channel.....


2017-05-07 15:33:14

i wish her good luck and hopes for a fast recovery very sad to hear hope she gets better soon i send my regards to you who keep doing this awesome games even when sad moments like these occur


2017-05-09 11:53:35

we will wait