Robin Raid 3 at 75% finished

2017-03-29 23:45:33 by AzrealFreeman

It's been a long road, it really has. Numerous set backs have kept this project on and off production since september last year, but now I'm finally starting to reach the final stages of production.


That's frame 70, as you can see , and I've just started frame 73 of 94. once that is done I'm going to work some magic with the buttons to make them less bland, then add sound (visible shudder), and then you can all finally enjoy my labour of love



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2017-03-30 00:56:23

Keep it going man!! I know you'll Finish it!!


2017-03-30 16:15:15

I can't wait to get to play it


2017-03-30 16:54:36



2017-04-05 18:52:31

this is really really cool. But I feel like even without the things that slowed down progress it wouldve taken a long time to produce the game. I understand its a one man thing but maybe next time you can work on spending the same amount of hours producing the same quality but spitting out frames much quicker. dont get me wrong im super excited