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Although I normally like to have one project and stick at it for a long time, I've been hard at work on a series of side projects, soon to be completed and released to the public

Future works

2016-07-16 15:11:14 by AzrealFreeman

I'm a dreadfully inconsistent animator and game designer, and sometimes I just need to take a break from the big in order to make the small and trivial. But I am back in action.


I've build Project Aura 2, i just need to animate it fully though it's a bit of a mess

Robin Raid 3 is in the early design level

My super mystery project, which will deliver a far, far more forgiving play style based more on exploration than trial and error, has just this secon began production.


Will keep you posted 

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I am currently stuck at a crossroads with my next big game.


Either Robin Raid 3 (this time with the graphics of 2 combined with the adventure gameplay on 1)


Project Aura 2 (this time with a darker feel, and an option to kill or spare everyone you fuck)


a new game, built in a Project Aura style engine


Votes in the comments people!

I made a thing

2016-06-10 20:27:06 by AzrealFreeman

go look at thing

Looking for a sponsor

2016-06-08 19:34:32 by AzrealFreeman

Until recently, my productions were sponsored by sexyfuckgames, but after weeks of silence I've had to conclude that he doesn't want to work with me any more. I still, however, would like to carry on making my brand of adult flash games, considering I already have several projects in the works as we speak. As such, this is a call out to any Adult flash game site managers or admins, that are interested in sponsoring me to continue to produce my work. That, or any website interested in hosting my work, for a small fee. Exposure is great and all, but my brand is established enough that exposure alone will not suffice. As such, this is also a call to anyone capable of reaching an adult game admin, that is looking for new, original content 





Fixed now though :D

Robin Raid 2 is complete!

2016-05-22 20:38:21 by AzrealFreeman

Hola friends! Basically the game if finished and completely good to go. Expect it to be uploaded and ready to play within the next couple of days. After the unfortunate delay I suffered, I hope I haven't built up a hype I cannot live up to.

The final stages

2016-05-11 18:49:04 by AzrealFreeman

Grant me strength my beloved fans. Robin Raid 2 is complete. But one complaint with Robin Raid 2 was the lack of sound. In Aura I fixed that by adding a load of sound in but this time I'm going to full whack and fuck me is it exahusting


Hello there, just thought I'd give you guys and girls an update. Robin Raid 2: Magic world is nearing the final stages of completion. The game will be a tad shorter in terms of exploration but with far greater graphical and animation quality