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Is well into production. this time I promise you vastly improved graphics, sound design and much better animation quality 

Project: Aura

2016-03-22 00:32:37 by AzrealFreeman

Howdy newgrounds, it's your old pal Freeman here, come to give you an update on the state of affairs with my current project. So as of writing this update, the game is essentially complete. Now I need to go over the graphics, make adjustments here and there, impliment a ton of sound effects, and get my voice actress to narrate it. Expect it to be released within the next two weeks.

What next?

2016-03-07 11:48:33 by AzrealFreeman

Although the score could have been a bit higher, I am very pleased with the constructive criticism I have receieved in regards to Robin Raid. Though now I am curious where to go next. what would you rather see, a sequel, or something different using a similar engine?

Its finished

2016-03-04 18:06:39 by AzrealFreeman

It was insultingly easy to fix, despite spending the last few days fixing it.


But Robin Raid's final incarnation is complete. Tell me, would you like to see more like that? A sequel? or a something different?

So I've learned to finally get over my rampant lethargy and play test my games. its now fully functional 

So I fixed Robin Raid

2016-03-01 05:15:07 by AzrealFreeman

Yeah I uploaded a glitchy version of my game yesterday. a few minor bugs here and there made the game unbeatable, plus a load of the sound effects were missing

New game!

2016-02-29 17:12:28 by AzrealFreeman

check it out

I ain't dead yet

2016-02-14 14:31:07 by AzrealFreeman

Hello there! I've returned once more to gift you with my home made porn game. expect something new within a couple of days

New Account!

2014-05-26 14:09:03 by AzrealFreeman

For personal reasons, I have moved to a new account. This one was riddled with failed experiment that i seek a new start. it can be found at Ragnar-Hell-Scream

A chance of plan

2013-11-06 13:42:50 by AzrealFreeman

My attempts at making a platformer seemed not to work, so while i learn how better to code, expect more point and click and story book style games